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FLOTTENHOLZ, Pa., 2nd of April / PRNewswire / – Dr. Dave Woynarowski MD is a nationally renowned fish oil expert who has been studying and using fish oil himself and in his practice for over a decade.

He commented on the current status of fish oil in terms of purity and Proposition 65 in response to several questions arising from Prop 65’s lawsuit filed by a private consumer environmental group.

A private group’s lawsuit in California claims that several large fish oil suppliers and manufacturers did not classify their products as containing toxins, known as PCBs, in amounts that were deemed excessively high California within the meaning of Proposition 65 Act on Clean Water and Hazardous Substances.

The lawsuit named Solgar, Twin Labs, GNC NOW, and several other well-known supplement companies.

Woynarowski was asked, “What do you think of the Proposition 65 lawsuit and how will it affect the industry and research into the benefits of fish oil?”

Dr. Dave replied, “It’s unfortunate, but some of the best-known manufacturers have given up. In all cases, I believe all of them have met FDA standards, but Proposition 65 standards are four times lower, and that means more work for the company to meet them. ” Standards.

Why should there be two standards for PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls)? Well, anyone can make up a standard and try to use it to enforce purity, but in the case of PCBs, the dose makes the poison. The liver can handle small amounts of these plastic-derived chemicals, but higher amounts are believed to be carcinogenic (no direct link has yet been found). Once you start talking about cancer, it’s easy to see why people get upset. While I am all for the very purest products, this is not like death or pregnancy where you have no leeway. It is virtually impossible to remove all of the circuit boards from a product, but we can do it well below Proposition 65 standards if we want to. “

Why do you think the 10 companies named in the suit were selected (including Solgar, GNC and Twin Labs)?

Woynarowski said, “Probably because they are the biggest brands, most famous and best-selling, but also because they use the same source. If you took the oil and matched it with the date of manufacture, I would be surprised if it wasn’t all. ” Test the same thing, which means they are selling the same product. I don’t know the source, but I know we’ve been approached by Chinese companies that claim perfect purity. The track record of these sources is less than perfect and these companies may also succumb to a lower price and a higher profit margin, but who knows! “

What is Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil?

Doctor’s reply: “Well, it’s the only type I’ll use on myself, my patients, and my fish oil customers, but it depends who you’re talking to. Fish oil critics criticized the term as pure marketing hype.” Ironically, when the oil is it’s treated with the processing necessary to make it as pure as possible, it removes most PCBs, meets all FDA standards, has no detectable levels of lead or mercury, and is consistently compliant In a nutshell, if the FDA made fish oil a drug that is much closer to reality now, as with all dietary supplements, a real pharmaceutical grade fish oil would stand the test. “

What do you think of alternative EPA and DHA sources like krill?

Woynarowski explains, “I still only use fish oil. There are over 10,000 independent (non-manufacturer sponsored) studies of fish oil going back decades and more coming out practically every day. I lost credibility with krill when some of the manufacturers claimed it be”. better than fish oil. “They were told to stop advertising, which they soon did because it was a very wide-ranging statement with no evidence. Krill has only been studied by manufacturer studies to my knowledge. It is only part of a sensitive ecosystem like fish. And just like fish, it is subject to.” he also has extensive agriculture and pollutants, in this case OPCs (organochlorine pesticides). I haven’t seen anyone who has tested krill. Just to say it’s clean doesn’t suit me I think the perfect solution to Well feeding our fish stocks with omega-3s in their food chain is to use the krill that is added to the standard fishmeal to feed the farmed fish. That would solve a lot of sustainability issues, but krill is quite expensive for the quantities of omega 3 that you get. And fish can convert other fatty acids to omega 3 in ways that humans cannot, so the sustainability issues with a we nig work and conscientious behavior can be solved. Incidentally, no human population has ever lived on krill, so there will never be population-based studies! “

Finally, he added, “For the first time in history, a supplement was so robust and science-based that even traditional doctors use it extensively. I think the future for fish oil is very bright and it remains the gold standard of omega-3s.” for scientific studies and human complementation for the foreseeable future. “

For more information on pharmaceutical grade fish oil and information on what a pharmaceutical grade fish oil purity profile should look like, see this purity analysis (

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