Novosana and LUS are working together to expand the vegan omega-3 market

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Novosana produces Dmax alga DHA 400This provides at least 400 mg / g DHA and is said to have the lowest TOTOX values ​​in the industry.

The omega-3 giant is now partnering with LUS, a sustainable and herbal ingredients company, to launch a range of concepts over the course of 2020, including vegan soft gels with 250 mg DHA, Omega 3to1 DHA to EPA formulas as well as a vegan solution for the popular cod liver oil preparations.

The future is sustainable

A recent study by Colombo et alPointed out that DHA from fish could be at risk due to global warming. Scientists estimated that an increase in water temperature could affect the de novo synthesis of DHA in the algae at the top of the food chain. This drop in DHA synthesis can lead to a 10-58% loss of globally available DHA.

Novosana argues that products like Dmax 400 algae oil are the sustainable solution to provide DHA for future generations

Bas Arntz, Vice President Business Development and Operations of Novosana, said: “Novosana is very proud to announce the partnership with LUS. With the innovative approach of LUS we can expand the vegan omega-3 market. 3 the future will be for several industries, we are sure that LUS is the right partner.

“LUS is able to connect with the market and increase the number of omega-3 consumers. Vegan is not only a trend for Novosana, it will also become a powerful pillar for the company and for Omega’s global development -3 market. ”

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René Van Hoorn, Founder and CEO of Lus Health Ingredients, added: “We believe in algae oil as a product for those consumers who want to include DHA in their diet as an essential fatty acid from the most direct natural form of algae.

“Thanks to the close relationship with Novosana, we can grow this market even faster than we initially expected.”

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